With Trump as president, states must be more vigilant about clean air

Allentown Morning Call - Letter to the Editor

by Lisa Ditalia, Bethlehem

January 3, 2017

As the new administration in Washington, D.C., will be ever more populated with climate deniers, it will fall to Gov. Wolf to ensure that Pennsylvanians are being proactive around the climate consequences of our state's rampant fossil fuel development. If we are part of the problem, we need to be part of the solution.

With the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan to combat carbon pollution held up in the courts, we can at least act on methane pollution from fracking activity.

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Natural gas drilling is all around us and will soon be coming right to us as pipelines snake through our communities. Methane and other fracking emissions degrade our air quality as they contribute to a warmer atmosphere and climate peril.

If we are to enter an era in which the states need to protect their citizens, we should all be calling on the governor and the Pennsylvania Legislature to act on airborne pollution from fossil fuel activity.

Natural gas development and distribution in our state shows no sign of abating so the least our elected officials can do is protect their constituents. They do, after all, work for us.

Lisa Ditalia


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