Let Your Voice and Right to Clean Air Be Heard

By: Joe Minott, Clean Air Council Executive Director

When it comes to drilling in Pennsylvania, voters want one thing: accountability.

Last fall, a research firm conducted a survey of more than 800 registered voters in PA. The results found that the vast majority of those interviewed support regulations for the drilling industry to reduce methane emissions that contribute to climate change. In fact, 62 percent of respondents agreed that reducing air pollution caused by the oil and gas industry should be among Governor Wolf’s top priorities.

Pennsylvania currently has no limits on air pollution leaks from shale gas. That means any measures to curb emissions from the oil and gas industry are entirely voluntary. Unfortunately, these voluntary measures have proven insufficient as air pollution leaks from shale gas infrastructure continue to increase in our state. It is clear that allowing industry to police itself when it comes to detecting and addressing methane leaks is not the solution to meeting voters’ demand for clean air.

It’s time for Governor Wolf to answer Pennsylvanians’ call for strong rules on the oil and gas industry in order to fight methane pollution. These rules can ultimately improve health, save lives and help curb climate change.

Make your voice heard. Join your fellow Pennsylvanians and add your name to this petition to tell Governor Wolf that we need strong rules to fight methane pollution. 

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