Videos Show Drillers Don't Care

We recently posted videos of three Pennsylvania family’s experiences living close to natural gas infrastructure. Viewing these stories of Susquehanna County residents should only further anger us. The disregard the gas industry shows towards these citizens of our Commonwealth is unconscionable. The industry has come in and thrown up their facilities with no thought towards the impacts on those living nearby. These Pennsylvanians are plagued by a barrage of irritants. Noise that awakens them from sleep and in some cases causes seizures, dust dirtying their homes and cars, traffic from the constant shuffling of diesel vehicles in and out of installations, and powerful lamps making the darkest night an unwanted light show. Their daily lives are nothing like they were before the fracking industry moved in.

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Add to this the pollution they cannot even see or smell from emissions of methane, VOCs, and toxics; and these Pennsylvania residents are understandably exasperated and worried about their future. Can they stay in their homes? Is it safe to do so? Could they sell their home if they wanted to?

Pennsylvania still lacks any state control on air pollution leaks from natural gas extraction processes and transportation. It is obvious from the videos that some operators show little regard for women and men’s well-being and quality of life. There will never be any so-called “self-regulation”, which industry insists is the only way they can do business. Clean Air Council and our partners are redoubling our efforts to move forward rules and standards that will efficiently regulate the most dangerous polluting aspects of these installations. Sign up and help us achieve that goal. We must demand that industry protect the health and safety of our communities.

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