Take a Selfie to #CutMethane

Check out who's doing our #CutMethane action!

We cannot afford more delay in controlling natural gas production pollution. It’s time for our Governor to take bold action and for our representatives to realize that their constituents’ health depends on strong methane standards.

Help us get those standards moving forward in Pennsylvania. Here’s how:

  • DOWNLOAD the file.


  • CUT along the DOTTED line.

  • PLACE the mask in front of your face and take a selfie!

  • POST the selfie to Twitter or Instagram and use hashtag #CutMethane.

  • EMAIL the selfie to [email protected]

We greatly appreciate it. In addition to your post, we’re tracking all the selfies and will be bringing them to Governor’s Wolf’s attention very soon. It’s time for the politicians in Harrisburg to cut methane to protect our health and our environment. Tell Governor Wolf we can’t wait! Let’s work together to for clean air and a stable climate.

Here's some fellow participants who have already helped #CutMethane.


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