Stronger rules needed on gas operations

Oberver-Reporter - Letter to the Editor

By Anna Hansen, Beaver

October 10, 2015

Although the Sept. 30 article, “EPA hears pros, cons of its proposed methane reduction rule,” quoted heavily from industry testimonies, the actual hearing featured 92 testifiers in favor of stronger environmental protections and a meager two testimonies from oil and gas industry supporters.

These numbers alone speak to how desperately Pennsylvanians want and need stronger air pollution rules to protect their health and families. The oil and industry may complain about how the rules directly affect it, but what about the residents who are directly affected by industry? At what point do we say that enough is enough – industry must pay for its own pollution rather than foisting the burden on us in the form of health hazards and health care costs?

The 92 testifiers and additional supporters at the hearing made it clear that we are already saying enough is enough. We need these federal rules for planned industry infrastructure, but even more than that, we need rules to stop the pollution from existing oil and gas operations. 

It’s time for Pennsylvania to take care of its citizens by adopting the strongest possible rules to limit air pollution from existing shale gas operations.

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