Strong Regulations Needed to Limit Methane Pollution From Natural Gas Drilling

PennLive - Letter to the Editor

By Cece Viti, Mechanicsburg

June 07, 2015

When was the last time a business volunteered to do something above and beyond what is required by law? This thought calls to mind natural gas drillers who tout their "voluntary efforts" to keep our air and water clean as we often see proof to the contrary.

Such is the case with the industry's so-called effort to limit methane emissions from its operations. Methane is the Achilles heel of natural gas – when too much of it leaks during drilling, processing and transportation, gas is no longer better for the environment than coal.

We need strong regulations in place to limit methane pollution. Technologies exist today that would keep methane out of our air alongside toxic air pollutants that contribute to smog and haze. These smart standards would also prevent the waste of what is otherwise a valuable energy product.

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