Stop methane leaks! Speak out in Pittsburgh

Pam Judy, PA resident, in front of a compressor station. Photo by Mark Schmerling

Pam Judy, PA resident fighting for clean air, in front of a compressor station built 780 ft from her family home. Photo by Mark Schmerling


By: Joe Minott, Clean Air Council Executive Director

Last week, the EPA released the first-ever rules to regulate methane emissions from the oil and gas industry. Methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that’s 86 times worse for our climate than carbon dioxide, leaks from Pennsylvania’s nearly 8,000 active fracked wells at an alarming rate of 7.3 million metric tons per year.

The new rule has one major shortcoming, though: it applies only to new oil and gas facilities. The issue therein is studies show that about 90 percent of oil and gas methane emissions in 2018 will come from oil and gas facilities that are operating today. So while EPA’s new rule is a good first step in fighting methane pollution from the oil and gas industry, it is not enough.

Pennsylvanians will have their chance to voice their support for tough methane regulations and bold climate action on September 29, when EPA will be hosting an all-day public hearing in Pittsburgh on the rule. The hearing will allow 5-minute speaking slots to those interested and will take place from 9am-5pm at: 

William S. Moorhead Federal Building
1000 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Despite the fact that regulations can help capture lost value for oil and gas companies while protecting the environment and public health, industry is not likely to sit idly by and allow the new rules to take effect. That’s why we need Pennsylvanians to speak out in favor of EPA’s proposal to stop methane pollution.

We hope you’ll sign up now and take a stand for our future.

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