Public Comment is In: 11,000+ to Cut Methane in PA

Residents and groups from across Pennsylvania submitted over 11,000 comments to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) advocating for proposed changes to streamlined permits that address methane pollution from new and modified natural gas operations.

Methane leaks at almost every stage of the natural gas supply chain. Methane pollution carries with it a range of other harmful pollutants, posing an unnecessary health risk to residents living near gas operations and downwind residents across the state. Pennsylvania has a serious methane pollution problem from the oil and gas industry– a problem that is only getting worse.

Clean Air Council worked with its partners to submit Final GP-5 GP-5A Comments on how the permits could be strengthened to reduce more pollution. Among the other comments were 14 letters submitted by state legislators, a letter from members of Philadelphia City Council, and a Will of Council passed by Pittsburgh City Council.

In the comments, Clean Air Council and many Pennsylvanians urged the DEP and Governor Wolf to immediately finalize these protections for new and modified gas operations and asked them to urgently draft rules for existing natural gas operations.

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