Pa.'s fracking industry needs rules

The Philadelphia Inquirer - Letter to the Editor

by Joseph Otis Minott 

December 10, 2015

The fracking industry has effectively controlled recent Pennsylvania budget negotiations, buying its way out of a severance tax by throwing massive amounts of money at state lawmakers - $17.9 million spent on lobbying and $2.8 million on campaign contributions in the most recent cycle. You can follow the money at as you envision handshake deals in smoke-filled rooms.


When will this industry finally be held accountable to the people of the commonwealth? Drillers are fouling our air, water, and land - and they're getting away with it, as the previous administration of Gov. Tom Corbett did nothing to rein in the industry. Gov. Wolf has indicated that he will hold the industry accountable via strong regulations for the oil and gas sector.

Once this budget is done, the first step must be to protect our citizens and communities by enacting strong rules, especially for air quality, and promoting the strictest enforcement of those rules.

|Joseph Otis Minott, executive director and chief counsel, Clean Air Council, Philadelphia, [email protected]


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