No debate on drilling pollution

By Joe Minott

At the recent debate of Democratic candidates for President, the candidates expressed a desire to move the presidential campaign away from the political hoopla and focus instead on what really matters: what Americans want and need from the next President of the United States. Americans want and need strong action on climate, which includes taking action on methane pollution.

Demonstrating that desire in action, the People’s Climate Movement and others organized a National Day of Action in nearly every state in the country to demand bold action on the climate crisis.  Events took place across Pennsylvania as part of the effort to sustain momentum ahead of the international climate negotiations in Paris in December.  

Momentum for climate action, especially limits on methane pollution, is particularly important considering that Pennsylvania has such a large natural gas industry. As climate change leads the news on many fronts, it’s important to keep in mind that we need action as well as words. Pennsylvania needs strong rules on methane pollution.






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