Lend your voice to fight drilling pollution

By Joe Minott

Pennsylvania needs your help. We’re sending Governor Wolf a petition asking him to make drilling pollution a priority. Please add your name to the list of signatures if you care about clean air and water.

Why is drilling pollution, especially methane emissions, such a priority? It comes down to the fact that the shale gas industry has proven time and again that it is unwilling to do anything to limit the pollution it creates. Companies and their lobbyists say they will take care of the problem on their own, but the reality is that they would rather pay a fine than clean up their act.

A few cases in point: 

  • Pennsylvania has seen over 240 cases of private water supply contamination from oil and gas drilling. 
  • Drillers have refused to fix faulty equipment and take responsibility for damaging natural resources.
  • Despite industry reassurances that it can effectively curb its own emissions, air pollution leaks from shale gas infrastructure is on the rise.

The oil and gas industry has repeatedly promised Pennsylvania communities that it will act like a good neighbor by addressing local concerns and protecting public health and the environment. But the reality is not very neighborly.

Pennsylvania currently has no rules in place to limit drilling pollution. And we know we can’t trust the industry to police itself. That’s why this petition we’ll deliver to Governor Wolf in November is so important. We need to tell him that Pennsylvania deserves the strongest possible regulations to limit dangerous air pollution. It’s time to put our needs first. 

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