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Join us to take action to clean our air. Over 80 people participated on Sept. 11th at Greenfest Philly at the #CutMethane table. There, they took a selfie and helped fight methane pollution in Pennsylvania. The effort continues and we still need your help!

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas - 86 times more efficient at warming our climate than carbon dioxide in the short term. Each year Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry leaks over 100,000 tons of methane into the atmosphere. This methane often leaks with other harmful pollutants that are known to have direct and devastating health impacts. These pollutants include compounds that increase smog, as well as air toxics that can increase risks of asthma attacks, harm the lungs and heart, or lead to cancer.

In February, Governor Tom Wolf introduced a set of actions to cut methane pollution and other harmful emissions from Pennsylvania's oil and gas sector. This effort has since stalled and is under attack from the oil and gas industry and its allies in the General Assembly.

While we wait for Pennsylvania to take concrete action on methane, the latest data shows that air pollution from oil and gas operations is on the rise. Some pollutants increased by an alarming  40% between 2013 to 2014 in Pennsylvania. We cannot afford more delay in controlling natural gas production pollution. It’s time for our Governor to take bold action and for our representatives to realize that their constituents’ health depends on strong methane standards.

Help us get those standards moving forward in Pennsylvania. Here’s how:

  • DOWNLOAD the file.


  • CUT along the DOTTED line.

  • PLACE the mask in front of your face and take a selfie!

  • POST the selfie to Twitter or Instagram and use hashtag #CutMethane.

  • EMAIL the selfie to [email protected]

We greatly appreciate it. In addition to your post, we’re tracking all the selfies and will be bringing them to Governor’s Wolf’s attention very soon. It’s time for the politicians in Harrisburg to cut methane to protect our health and our environment, tell Governor Wolf we can’t wait! Let’s work together to for clean air and a stable climate.


Here's some fellow participants who have already helped #CutMethane.


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