It's Time to Make Hand-Outs to the Fossil Fuel Industry Extinct: Rob Altenburg

PennLive Op-Ed

By Rob Altenburg

Last month, PennFuture released an updated version of its Fossil Fuel Subsidy Report in which we noted that subsidies to the state's mature, highly profitable fossil fuel industries have grown to $3.2 billion, or an amount equal to $794 for each taxpayer in Pennsylvania.

This in a time of tight budgets and hard decisions when we could well use the funds for critical priorities or to invest in our future.

Spending this kind of money to subsidize industries including coal and natural gas distorts our energy markets and makes it harder for alternatives such as clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency to compete.

Pennsylvania is at a fork in the road and needs to decide whether it will continue with business as usual or take a new path. 

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