Drillers Resort to Old Tricks


By: Joe Minott, Clean Air Council Executive Director

What happens when an industry with deep pockets wants to avoid public scrutiny of their operations? If you’re Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry, you ask your friends in the legislature to sneak language into the fiscal code that prevents the Department of Environmental Protection from establishing new rules to protect public health and safety. No reason to play fair when you’ve got friends in high places.

Unfortunately for the drillers, someone noticed this blatant attempt to undermine the public interest and ignore the 24,000 public comments and the hundreds of concerned citizens who showed up to public hearings in recent months. Now it’s up to the public to raise the alarm at this undemocratic move that would wipe out a four-year effort to bring our oil and gas rules in line with the public’s expectations. 

Clean Air Council invites you to join us in saying #NoDrillDeal. You can tweet at the @PASenateGOP, @PAHouseGOP and @PAGOP who used dirty tricks to give their friends in the oil and gas industry a gift at the public’s expense. Let them know that you think the industry should be held accountable for the public health and safety risks it creates, and that it’s unacceptable to sneak in legislative language that goes against the public interest. With your help, we can get the oil and gas rules back on the books.

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