Dirty emissions here impact climate across the nation

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Letter to the Editor

By Meredith Driscoll, Mt. Lebanon

September 18, 2015

I am heartened to see the Post-Gazette weigh in and support the Environmental Protection Agency’s rules on methane (“Rein In Methane,” Sept. 9 editorial), a greenhouse gas that is contributing significantly to man-made global warming.

My husband and I returned to the Pittsburgh region with our young son several years ago after many years in New York and California. One only need pick up the paper to see how the callous disregard of oil and gas companies that spew emissions in Pennsylvania manifests itself in climate impacts including severe drought and wildfires in California. While drillers scream over lost profits, they sound shrill to those who have lost homes — even loved ones — in fires and floods that are becoming the new normal.

While the editorial board is correct in saying we should rein in methane, we should take things a step further and rein in fossil fuel development in favor of solar and wind energy. California is well ahead of Pennsylvania in the clean energy revolution and will continue to reap the rewards of its forward thinking at our expense if we don’t act soon.

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