8 Facts About the Shale Gas Industry’s Air Pollution

NPR - State Impact Pennsylvania

By Natasha Khan and Eric Holmberg, PublicSource

May 4, 2015

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection recently released data on air emissions from the shale gas industry in 2013.

PublicSource looked into the data and built a series of interactive charts so you can more easily explore the information.

Overall, the data showed emissions from the shale gas industry increased from 2012 to 2013 for five major pollutants:

  • nitrogen dioxides
  • particulate matter
  • sulfur dioxide
  • volatile organic compounds, or VOCs
  • carbon dioxide (CO2)

(Click here to see a chart of what these pollutants are and their potential health effects.)

But emissions decreased for methane and carbon monoxide.

The drop in methane is significant because it is a more potent greenhouse gas than C02 and needs to be reduced to fight climate change. Its reduction may indicate that 2012 federal regulations on reducing methane are working.

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